[Mexico under construction]

Photography project by Diethild Meier and Hannes Woidich, realised throughout the year 2005 in Mexiko.

Supported by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst).

Awarded with the first price of "Kulturstiftung Sparkasse Unna 2006“.

The photographs show suburbs in Mexico as places between construction and decay, in constant construction. The work reflects the discrepancy between our notions of an idyllic, distant country and the realities found there: The idea of a colorful country, turbulent markets and people in picturesque poverty is questioned. The photographs do not want to show the already known motifs and places, but rather set out in search of the non-places. The urbanity is broken down into model-like details, fragmented surfaces, lines, advertising boards, lettering. The "myth Mexico" is dismantled, what remains is a mosaic of forms and signs, in which people appear like extras in a theater setting.
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