OPEN END / Diethild Meier with Sara Pons


Conception, artistic direction: Diethild Meier

Creation, performance: Diethild Meier & Sara Pons 

Music: Aaron Snyder

Light: Emese Csornai

Supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin and Stenkrossen Lund

Residencies: nunArt Barcelona, Stenkrossen Lund, Inter Arts Center Malmö.

With special thanks to: Rosa Rydahl, Nele Jordan, Nir Vidan, Anja Müller, Florence Freitag, Wiesenburg Berlin / Wiesen 55 e.V.

REVIEW by Alexandra Hennig at


4 November 2018, Tanzfabrik Berlin (Open Spaces #3)

Fotos © Dieter Hartwig

Video © Florence Freitag / Diethild Meier

Two women sitting at a table taking time...

Diethild Meier and Sara Pons create a space in which time extends and compresses, passes, begins and ends, begins and ends again and again, pulsates and vibrates… until tears flow and water spills.

OPEN END is a meditation, an exploration of the perception of time. The work is inspired by the French philosopher Henri Bergson according to whom time is the matter we are made of: we endure, we persist by transforming. The idea that change (or movement) is the very condition for all existence serves as the choreographic framework. OPEN END aims less for a “correct” representation of philosophical or scientific approaches on the matter of time, but reflects our subjective, phenomenological observation of time and translates these phenomena into the theatrical space: the “passing” of time, the “standing still” of time, the beginning and the end of things; cycles, repetition and continuous change.

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