Nobody's Dance / Diethild Meier & Julek Kreutzer


Choreography and performance: Diethild Meier, Julek Kreutzer

Mentoring: Fred Gehrig, Wanda Golonka, Marcela Giesche

Music: Mr. Johnson inspired by Neil Young

Video: Philipp Enders


IN ZUCHT Festival 2014 HZT Berlin

Sunday 27th of April 2014 

We are waiting for nobody. Nobody is already present. Nobody is waiting for something to happen. Nobody is waiting for magic. Nobody has to begin. Nobody befalls us, nobody pushes us, nobody pulls us, nobody fills the space. 

Nobody’s Dance is the byproduct of an ongoing collaboration between Diethild Meier and Julek Kreutzer. Sharing studio time without talking, trusting the endless collection of experiences in our bodies, we allowed our past and the novelty of our present, the acuteness and chronicity of our disquietudes, our fear and our love, to write an ephemeral choreography.

Are you waiting for something to happen? Is the thing you are waiting for, waiting for you? Let’s do something about anything.

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