L'últim vestit de la Júlia (Julia's last dress)

Documentary (2009)

Language: Catalan

Screenplay and Realisation: Diethild Meier, Xavier Artigas

Production: Parallel40 for TV3

Executive production: Marta Castañé

Editing: Meritxell Collel

Broadcasted on TV3 in March 2009.

Winner of the KIDS&DOCS Award / DocsBarcelona Festival 2010.

All her life Julia has been sewing spectacular dresses for gipsy women in Barcelona's picturesque district Gràcia. Although being highly appreciated by the gipsy community for her art, the old lady thinks it's time to retire soon: The wedding dress for young Maritxi shall be the last one of her life long career. "Julia's last dress" is the story of a tireless and dedicated woman who loves her work.

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