GLASS / Nir Vidan


Choreography, performance: Nir Vidan

Dramaturgy: Diethild Meier, Ran Brawn

Cooperation philosophical research: Sharon Cohen

Sound: Tomer Damsky

Light design: Emma Juliard

Photos: © Dieter Hartwig, © Nuphar Blechner

Supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Kelim Choreography Center - Bat Yam, Yasmeen Godder Studio.


28 + 29 February 2020, Tanzfabrik Berlin

In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

In his solo work »Glass« Nir Vidan seeks to refigure a new body for himself. One that is full of emptiness. One that is many. One that is inconsistent and unsettled.  A momentary manifestation of contradicting forces. One that is suspended, elusive, a loose entity emancipated from the hierarchy of unity. One that is possessed, mad, a fool! One that is foreign, even to itself, autonomous, constantly reshaping its boundaries. One that could be anything, from intensity to void. The body of »Glass« exercises and imagines practices of untying, forgetting, becoming and flight.

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