by Shannon Cooney

Performed by and with Shannon Cooney, Alicia Grant, Claudia Tomasi and Josefine Mühle (Intern in collaboration with the HZT Berlin)

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic

Sound: Marla Hlady

Music: Marla Hlady and Eric Chenaux

Light: Emese Csornai, Claire Terrien

Costume: Nina Gundlach

Creative Producer: Mira Moschallski

Video documentation and trailer: Diethild Meier

Premiered at Tanzfabrik Open Spaces #3 Berlin, Uferstudios Wedding, 3.11 - 5.11.2017 

Funded by The Canada Council for the Arts with support from the Tanzfabrik Berlin. Research supported by the Toronto Dance Community Love-In, the Oxygen Art Centre, Nelson BC, Weld Company, Stockholm, Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi, Istanbul.

Fielding is shaped by performing the practice of Moveable Cinema; a heightened visually sensed movement practice with multiple relationships that are interactive with light, sound, space and people. Layers of light, direction and texture are both highlighting the performance of the practice, as well as subtly informing the vibrancy of the movement.

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