SCHRITTSTÜCK #1 / Diethild Meier & Jasminka Stenz


IDEA, CREATION AND PERFORMANCE: Diethild Meier & Jasminka Stenz

ARTISTIC ADVICE: Hanna Hegenscheidt

IMAGES: Sophiensaele, 100° Festival Berlin 2015, video-still by Jacques André Dupont


27 February 2015, Sophiensaele , 100° Festival Berlin

24 April 2015, Studio 14 Uferstudios Berlin, POP! SHOW! FUCK! UP! Festival HZT Berlin

14 May 2016, Unternehmen Mitte, Tanzfest Basel (Schweiz)

Schrittstück#1 is a quartet for four legs. The two performers play with a compositional experimental arrangement based on steps in a limited space. They walk in unison with a steady pace and rhythm. Their trajectories cross, almost collide, and constantly change the relation of proximity and distance. The steps generate rhythmic surfaces, leaving a trace in space, engraving a pattern of covered paths into time. The space is made visually and audibly palpable, its subjective boundaries expand and contract.

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