Chio i el so de Barcelona 

(Chio and the Sound of Barcelona)

Documentary (2010)

Language: Spanish/ Catalan

Screenplay and realisation: Diethild Meier

Camera: Alfonso Moral

Sound: David Abadía

Postproduction sound: David Abadía

Music: Chio Allin

Executive direction: Joan Gonzàlez i Francesc Pou

Executive production TV3: Josep M. Casellas

Executive production Parallel40: Àngels Villar 

Broadcasted on Canal33 in June 2010.

Festival Europes 2010

Chio is a Japanese pianist who comes to Barcelona to redeem a promise to her childhood alter ego: As a child she heard from Barcelona in Japanese television. She felt attracted by the sound of the city's name and decided in that moment secretly that she would live there some day. She enrolls at the renowned CONSERVATORI LICEU to study a master in piano performance, rather for the VISA than for her interest in the program. She finds an artistic challenge in another context: With her close friend Nissan, acrobat and street artist, she buys a piano for an old factory building which is occupied by circus artists as rehearsal space and as a theatre. She organises a big show in "La Nave Espacial", inviting musicians and circus artists to perform with her, and makes herself a home in Barcelona.

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