Bar Leo

Documentary (2009)

Language: Spanish

Sreenplay and realisation: Diethild Meier and Xavier Artigas

Production: Alicia Olivares and Marta Castañé

Editing: Meritxell Colell

Camera: Alfonso Moral

Sound: David Paco and Francesc Gosalves

Postproduction sound: Francesc Gosalves

Executive direction: Joan Gonzàlez and Joan Gallifa

Production assistance: Laura Molina

Broadcasted on Canal33 in June 2009.

Leo runs a bar in Barcelona's former fishermen district La Barceloneta. She is the first to open in the morning and the last to close at night, Monday to Sunday, and she hasn't taken a break in 30 years. Where does this small 60 years old lady take her strength from to keep up that rhythm? The truth is, Bar Leo is more than a bar – it has become a social meeting point for the survivors of a Barcelona which doesn't exist any longer: "The scoundrel's Barcelona" of the 60th. With Bambino's famous rumba songs and the preparations for the annual street feast, we slowly get to know, day by day, the obsolete Barcelona of Bar Leo.

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